You just drive and we take care of the rest.

When you choose a new or used BMW or MINI, BMW Operative Leasing can be the financing solution that best meets your needs.

First, you only pay the value of the vehicle you actually use during the lease term.

Secondly, we will take care of all registration and insurance matters, so you save time and energy.

Thirdly, you don't have to worry about selling your car at the end of the contract.

Your benefits.

Lower monthly rates compared to standard leasing allow you to enjoy more driving pleasure for less money.

Thanks to constant rates throughout the contract term, you can easily plan your budget.

For business customers: the car does not appear on the balance sheet and so will not affect the financial coefficients.

From the various combinations of contract length and initial installment, you choose the one that best suits your needs.

You will save time and energy thanks to the quick handling of the leasing contract and our comprehensive car insurance service.

How BMW Operative Leasing works.

Achieving unrivaled driving pleasure has never been easier.

At the beginning:
  1. You choose the desired BMW car.
  2. You choose the duration of the lease and mileage.*
  3. You sign a contract and prepare the payment of the initial instalment.
  4. You pick up your vehicle.
For the duration of the leasing contract:
  1. BMW Financial Services will keep you informed about the services and products you can benefit from.
  2. If necessary, we will help you modify your contract (e.g. its duration, mileage) to meet your current driving needs.
At the end of the contract:
  1. We will guide you through the lease termination process and let you know what you need to do.
  2. You return the vehicle and benefit from our Accelerated Financing Agreement Approval process for your new BMW. *

* Provided all previous obligations under the contract have been fulfilled. Certain restrictions may apply.

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